Tioga’s tagline is When it has to be right™. We live up to this statement beyond our daily business activities. We have a long-standing tradition of being immersed in and helping the communities where we work, live and play. Simply stated: it is right, as well as meaningful and rewarding, to support local charitable organizations.

The longest and most enduring relationship Tioga has is with the Chambliss Center for Children in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The partnership started way back in 1999 and without missing a beat, Tioga has been, year in and year out, providing support to the center. At its core, Chambliss cares for at-risk children. They operate a 24/7 childcare program for mainly low-income, single parents in need of affordable care at any hour of the day or night. They also have a residential program for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. On any given day, there are over 650 children receiving their services.

Through Tioga’s efforts, including its renowned fall golf tournament, we have raised more than $275,000 for the organization. According to Phil Acord, President/CEO of the Chambliss Center:

Our mission is to preserve family unity and to help children, especially during really challenging times. We rely on businesses and friends like Tioga to do that. They have been by our side for almost two decades, helping us care for thousands of children and families who have needed our support. We are so grateful.

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The Tioga Foundation

Through the Tioga Foundation, each of the five Tioga locations is allocated an annual amount of money to gift to charities. The employees at each location can autonomously select and vet the charities they want to support, with the one stipulation that the donations are not to be for Tioga business-related purposes.

There are too many recipients to list here, but much of the giving has focused in three areas: children’s causes, medical advancements and community improvement.


Tioga is also proud to recognize those who not only decide where to

donate, but participate at the organizations selected and all other charitable endeavors. One example is that in Philadelphia, employees volunteer at Philabundance, a local food distribution center, whose mission is to alleviate food insecurity in the greater Philadelphia area.

Chambliss House

Tioga & Chambliss Officials

Children at Chambliss

Tioga co-workers making a difference